Jiangsu Leader Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of processing equipment required for the FPCA process of electronic products. Its main application terminal fields cover the consumer electronics fields such as mobile phones, tablet computers and smart wearable devices. The company also actively laid out the field of semiconductor packaging and testing, and successfully independently developed the packaging-grade precision electroformed steel mesh and high-precision hardware processing; At the same time, fully automatic production lines such as assembly, welding, testing and appearance inspection have been developed in automobile, new energy battery and medical industry respectively.

As a high-tech enterprise, the company has nearly 300 R&D personnel, including 90 institutional design engineers, 180 electrical development engineers and 30 visual and electronic engineers. The company has obtained 5 invention patents, 66 utility model patents and 1 software copyright; 27 patents have been applied for pending authorization, including 9 invention patents and 18 utility model patents.

The company provides a wide range of fully automatic and efficient equipment for stamping, folding, testing, pasting, pressing, AVI and other processes in SMT post-process, such as PCS/PANL folding equipment, rotary table bending equipment, punching and folding machine, etc. ICT, FCT, RF test equipment, electric test series loading and unloading equipment, broken line test string body, punching machine loading and unloading machine, film tearing machine, laminating machine, AVI automatic sorting machine, etc.

The company is committed to the continuous innovation of manufacturing automation, expanding manufacturing automation to flexibility, intelligence and high integration, and has established close strategic cooperative relations with many well-known flexible circuit board manufacturers, semiconductor packaging and testing enterprises, new energy automobile battery enterprises and medical enterprises at home and abroad.

Leader is committed to becoming the pilot of intelligent equipment suppliers.

Technical strength

  • Professional qualification certification




  • Utility patent

    A total of 95 certificates have been obtained.

    There are 80 utility models.

    Invent 15 pieces

  • Scientific and technological R&D personnel

    Institutional Development Department 90+ people

    Electric development department 88+ people

    30+ people in electric measurement and development department

    39+ people in software development department

  • Professional and technical personnel

    Manufacturing center 140+ people

    Management 30+ people

    Organization set up 160+ people

    After-sales service 139+ people


Make manufacturing easier and make the world a better place.

To be a pilot of intelligent equipment suppliers.

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