• Congratulations on the new launch of Liddell website.

    In order to better promote and display the company's image, strengthen network publicity, enhance user experience and create favorable conditions for the company's operation and development, our website has been successfully upgraded and revised!

    2021-12-15 718

  • 10 commonly used chip packaging technologies

    The ratio of chip area to package area improves the package efficiency, which is as close as possible to 1: 1;

    2021-12-15 655

  • What is the potential of FPC industry?

    In the past decade, China's electronic information industry has developed rapidly, and the scale of the industry has been expanding. China has become the world's largest consumer electronics market, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains fully

    2021-12-15 1065

  • Understand packaging technology

    The so-called "packaging technology" is a technology of packaging integrated circuits with insulating plastic or ceramic materials.

    2021-12-15 587