What is the potential of FPC industry?

2021-12-15 10:58:31 963

In the past decade, China's electronic information industry has developed rapidly, and the scale of the industry has been expanding. China has become the world's largest consumer electronics market, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains fully support the PCB industry demand. Mobile electronic products such as smart phones are booming, and the market of new consumer electronic products such as wearable smart devices and drones is rapidly emerging. The trend of miniaturization and thinness of devices is becoming more and more obvious, and traditional PCB can no longer meet the requirements of products. Therefore, major manufacturers have begun to study new technologies to replace PCB, among which FPC, as a popular technology, is becoming the main connecting accessory of electronic devices.

It is a fast-growing sub-industry in FPC PCB. FPC is a highly reliable and flexible printed circuit board made of flexible copper clad laminate. It is a substrate for connecting electronic parts and a medium for signal transmission of electronic products.